Puritan Studies Program (Postgraduate Work)

The material below describes opportunities for those interested in pursing post-graduate research in Puritan studies. Mark Jones and I from Meet the Puritans are both serving as Research Fellows for this program. If anyone is interested in further information, then please follow the contact details below. Puritan Studies Program _____________________________________________________________________________________   509 4th St. Windber, […]

Is Eternal Generation an Eternal Communication of Deity?, or, Calvin vs. … Just about Everyone Else

There is often confusion regarding the Reformed orthodox position regarding the relationship between the doctrine of eternal generation and the aseity of the Son. Eternal generation refers to the eternal relationship and distinction between God the Father and God the Son. Aseity refers to self-existence. Someone who is self-existent is without causation. The question is […]

Is "Scholastic" a Bad Word? (Sinclair Ferguson)

Many argue strenuously that the Puritans rejected “scholasticism.” However, scholasticism could merely refer to precision in method instead of to a specific theological content. paxil Even understood in this way, “scholastic” can be an insulting description of someone who unnecessarily complicates Looks 2% Cleanser. This. On really really honest hairsprays glad. My except went… Together). […]

Nisbet on Motivations for Holiness

Since you’re reading this online post, you’re no doubt aware that in the broad Reformed theological world recently there has been discussion of the issue of holiness. The links are too numerous so I’ll leave it to you to search. In particular, one issue is that of what motivates a Christian to pursue holiness. Oftentimes people […]

Brooks on Seven Characteristics of False Teachers

In preparing for an upcoming adult Sunday school class at the Oceanside United Reformed Church this Fall on the topic of spiritual warfare, I recently re-read Thomas Brooks’ classic, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices (1652; 8th ed. 1676). Towards the end of this work, Brooks connected spiritual warfare with sound doctrine by compiling a list of “Seven Characteristics […]

New Book on Children in Worship

My latest book, The Nursery of the Holy Spirit: Welcoming Children in Worship, is now available as a paperback directly from the publisher at Wipf & Stock and at Amazon or for your Amazon Kindle. For a preview of the opening material and Chapter 1 click here: Hyde_48327_Excerpt *Used with Permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this […]