‘The Chiefest Subject of our Preaching:’ John Owen on Christ-Centered Preaching

People in Reformed churches today often debate the merits of “redemptive historical” preaching. Sadly, a “redemptive historical preacher” has become shorthand for someone who preaches Christ, but who does not believe in direct sermon application. By contrast, the Apostle Paul preached Christ and applied Him to individual consciences through very direct and individualized personal appeals […]

Good Works Necessary for Salvation?

Before making my move across the Tiber to Reformation21, I thought I’d offer some thoughts on a typically vexing question. Having edited a book on the diversity of the Reformed tradition in the seventeenth century, I am fully aware of the places where there are differences of opinion among Reformed theologians. Some differences were significant; […]

Proposed Debate

Tullian Tchividjian responded to an article by a lady named Jen Wilkin. I very much appreciated what Mrs. Wilkin said in her article, but Pastor Tchividjian felt the need to respond, and respond quite strongly. In addition, Pastor Tchividjian remarked: “Anyone paying attention to writing and preaching today (in both the reformed and non-reformed world) […]

Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

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In Praise of John Owen

Very few Christian theologians can say they’ve made a distinct contribution to Christian theology on any one doctrine. Augustine or Tertullian on the Trinity come to mind; Anselm on the atonement showed remarkable insight; and Luther on justification was momentous. Calvin on the Holy Spirit was hugely significant; indeed, historically it has been Reformed theologians […]

Reviews of Byrd & Duguid

These reviews were supposed to appear on Reformation21, but I was also asked by them to review John Frame’s new Systematic Theology. My review of Frame took precedence in the line-up of reviews, so without waiting another month and a half for these reviews to appear, I’ve decided to post my reflections on these two […]